I wanted to do something with holes and perspective and this idea of parts coming together behind and through other parts. Is the person's left shoulder actually a hole in a green tree? Is the grass growing in front of his chest or are her breasts falling over the grass? Is the stem of the flower a stem or part of the sky, and is the eye the eye of the flower, held up against a hole in the face or is it the eye of the face peering through a hole in the flower. The whole idea was to play with this notion of things coming first, chickens and eggs, and how layers make and un-make a whole.


In HORSE, the variation is that these holes are not necessarily empty, they are just not filled in. I used acrylic paint, then I applied a thinner to create the space around, behind, and in the horse. So that while with FLOWERS I was filling in, with HORSE I was taking out. The shapes that I was taking the paint out of were also important–the exaggerated nose and the likeness of the eyes, nostrils and shoulders, all very simple circles. They were meant to disorient in a way similar to that of the paint thinner.


Two elephants and a dodo bird. Except that the dodo bird has no beak. And really not the face of a bird. More like the face of a woman, wearing the costume of a dodo bird, sitting on a patch of grass, in front of some sort of tiny elephants.

This piece plays with color: the animals are in black and white, the setting yellow and green. I am interested in extinction here, and the angle of the dodo's face, looking at the elephant, looking away.